• Tech Park of Fuerteventura. Puerto del Rosario, Las Palmas. Spain
  • +34635662820
  • Tech Park of Fuerteventura
  • +34635662820

Peyman Ghaffari

  • Email: info@imaac.eu

  • Address: Tech Park of Fuerteventura

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Chair of COST Action 16227

Member of Biomathematic Group at CMAF (University of Lisbon)
Research on Stochastic Processes, Markovian Process, WKB approximation, Chaos Theory and Selforganized Criticality

Cofounder of “Complexity and Interdisciplinary Research Centre (CIRC) at Imperial College London”

Based at Imperial College in London, CIRC will create a platform of interdisciplinary understanding between different areas of science and industry to provide the conduit through which relevant knowledge can pass and be applied in areas where its value has perhaps not been previously recognized or there has been no practical method by which it could be exploited.

Research in Mathematical Physics related to Self-Organized Criticality and Complexity

CEO of Quantec


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